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We are distributing most of the Traditional Ayurvedic products manufactured by Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala which can be distributed in the USA as Food Supplements and Oils for external application.

We have a large selection of Arishtams, Kashayam, Tailam, Ghritam, Lehyam, Churnam, Kwatham, Vatika, etc.

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If you are qualified for bulk pricing, we will register you as a Bulk Client. There, once you log-in, the bulk prices (after volume discount) will be visible. You may then place order directly there.  

If you are already registered, then you may place order directly at our online shop by first logging in with your log-in information. If you have misplaced your log-in information, kindly go to the log-in page of the online shop and click on forgotten password. If you have misplaced your email id, then please contact us.

As stated here, one of our aims is to reduce the prices of quality Ayurvedic products in the USA. We offer bulk pricing and on large orders attractive discounts.  

We are appointing various Agents with attractive commissions for the USA to look after sales. Distributor and Reseller inquiries from all States are welcome!

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